Different is Powerful

Secretly everybody thinks they’re a little weird. That’s because it’s true. Your greatest power is being you.

Perfectly Awkward Tales are adapted from inspiring fairy tales from around the world, chosen for their surprising girl heroes. At the heart of every adventure, an ordinary girl is faced with an impossible task. Each must find her way by discovering the gift that will see her through.

Intuition. Determination. Confidence. Every girl has a gift.

The Best Way to Make a Difference is to Be Different

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Let’s face it. Life can be awkward. It can also be uplifting, thrilling, strange and pretty wonderful. If you could capture your most awkward moments, you might discover they are also hilarious and empowering moments. Because your greatest power is being you. Do you have a perfectly awkward tale to tell? We’d love to hear from you!

Supporting Our Schools & Community

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent,
read them more fairy tales. - Albert Einstein

Perfectly Awkward Tales

Perfectly Awkward Tales are perfectly fantastic for classroom discussions. Whether for celebrating our differences or encouraging children to build their gifts, or just fun reading, girls and boys alike love Perfectly Awkward Tales. Each book has a special section called Herstory, which offers terrific discussion points, as well as tips on building confidence, intuition, and determination—all important life skills for success.

Teacher/School Discounts: If you are a teacher and would like to use Perfectly Awkward Tales in your class, please email us at teachers@perfectlyawkwardtales.com for an order discount.

Perfectly Awkward Tales is dedicated to donating books to mothers, fathers, and grandparents who need a little help. For more information, please contact giving@perfectlyawkwardtales.com